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Our vision

Content first, ads second

At Admix, we hate intrusive advertising as much as you do. We built a unique technology empowering you, the creator, to generate revenue whilst maximising the experience of your users on any platform.




A new way to monetize

100% non-intrusive ads

3D ads

As our flagship format and the future of advertising, interactive 3D ads are a mini brand experience consumable within your content.


The simplest ad format you can place, resize and customise anywhere in your content, and is supported by thousands of advertisers.


Short form, highly engaging video ads with directional audio, to integrate anywhere in your content and maximise your revenue.

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What developers say

Why Admix

Easy setup

Our drag and drop plugin for Unity allows you to place ads wherever you want in a matter of minutes. Need advice? Our documentation portal is here to help.

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Never ever intrusive

We strive to always prioritise user experience over revenue, and keep innovating on formats to never intrude or interrupt your users.

Always relevant

We work with the most reputable advertising partners to guarantee that our ads are always relevant to the environment and your users.

Any platform

Whether you want to monetize a mobile game on Android or a shopping app on Oculus VR, our technology is totally platform agnostic.

Advanced controls

From curved placements to programmable ads, let your creativity run wild to focus on what you do best: creating stunning experiences.

Changing the game

Admix is redefining monetization, empowering you to maximise revenue without sacrificing your user experience, and we are just getting started.

Predictable revenue


Being fully programmatic with real-time-bidding, our network of advertisers is waiting for you. Setup the Admix plugin, and you’ll see some early revenue coming in the next few hours.


Admix connects to the largest ad exchanges in the world to guarantee continuous revenue, as opposed to sporadic campaigns. You focus on the content, we focus on the revenue.


Our fixed commission structure makes it really easy for you to forecast your earnings. You can follow the progress live in our developer platform and request your monthly payment.

What to expect

CPM on direct deals
Your minimum take
Days to get to revenue
Revenue increase with Admix

How Rabbit Mountain uses Admix to monetise 1M VR users

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Audience insights

The most advanced monetization platform

All your apps, in one place

It’s like magic – your apps automatically appear in the platform when you create inventory with the plugin. All in one place.

From there, you can activate your apps to become revenue generating, access the setup page to filter out advertisers, and monitor your revenue.

Filter relevant advertisers

The setup page enables you to view your content just like in Unity editor, to easily manage the ad placements in your scenes.

Each placement can be activated/deactivated, and advertisers filtered by categories, to ensure relevance with the content. Setup in a few clicks, activate, and your app is generating revenue.

Beautiful reports and analytics

Get a live report of your app performance directly in the web platform. Track basic metrics such as unique users, impressions, CPM and daily revenue.

Compare metrics week on week, and analyse gaze-tracking heatmaps to extract insights on your users and maximise your future revenue.

Automatic payments, every month

No need to send us invoices – payments to you are handled directly in the platform. Just link your bank account or PayPal.

Your account gets credited every time an ad is seen in your content, and you can then cash-out this balance monthly. It’s life on your own terms.

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