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Install our free plugin for Unity or Unreal to place non-intrusive ads in your content, filter hundreds of advertisers via our programmatic platform, and start generating revenue instantly.
Our vision

Content first, ads second

We are like you: we hate advertising. We know how much work goes in creating great content. Therefore, our ads never intrude or interrupt. Worry no more - your content is safe with us.

Before Admix

Footer banners and pre-roll are not adapted to XR, destroying the core of the content and creating a terrible user experience.

With Admix

Our ads are integrated natively within the VR or AR experience. They are relevant, and never intrude or interrupt.

A new way to monetize your content

Dynamic product placements for VR and AR

Your content, your ads. Using our Unity plugin, you decide if you want to place standard banners, videos, or bespoke 3D formats. It only takes a few minutes, so you can focus on what you do best: creating great content.

They trust us

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How Rabbit Mountain uses Admix to monetise their 1M VR users

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How it works


Register on the Admix platform, install our plugin for Unity or Unreal, and join a community of 150+ VR/AR developers.


Define your inventory - areas of your content to sell to advertisers. It can be banners, videos or 3D placements. You keep the control.


Use our web platform to manage your apps, filter the most relevant advertisers, and activate your campaign.

Make money

Your inventory is sold instantly to our network of advertisers. You take home 75% of the revenue paid by the advertiser every time a user looks at your ads.

Who said advertising was boring?

Unleash your creativity

It's like out of home advertising, but in digital worlds. You can get very creative with the way your product placements are integrated to your story and even design content with ads in mind. Go crazy - the more native the integration, the better the user experience.

The only programmatic platform for XR

Unlimited advertisers,

unlimited earnings

Scale is the essence. Being programmatic means that instead of working like an agency, we connect your content to large advertising exchanges, such as Oath, the parent company of Yahoo and AOL.

Oath's platform hosts hundreds of advertisers serving over 1,000 billion ads per month, providing you with instant and continuous revenue. We are proud that Oath supports our vision to build a better future for advertising in XR.

No down time

Instant revenue, forever

The Admix platform works with Real Time Bidding, so there is always an advertiser ready to buy your inventory. From the moment you integrate our solution, you get paid every time ads are seen in your content, forever. It doesn't get any simpler.

Average CPM
Your minimum take
Average monthly payout
Average days to get to revenue
See for yourself

How much can I make?

Enter information about your apps to estimate your potential monthly net advertising revenue with Admix. Note that the figure is for information only and subject to change.

Audience insights

The most advanced XR management platform

All your apps, in one place

It’s like magic – your apps automatically appear in the platform when you create inventory with the plugin. All in one place.

From there, you can activate your apps to become revenue generating, access the setup page to filter out advertisers, and monitor your revenue.

Filter relevant advertisers

The setup page enables you to view your content just like in Unity editor, to easily manage the ad placements in your scenes.

Each placement can be activated/deactivated, and advertisers filtered by categories, to ensure relevance with the content. Setup in a few clicks, activate, and your app is generating revenue.

Beautiful reports and analytics

Get a live report of your app performance directly in the web platform. Track basic metrics such as unique users, impressions, CPM and daily revenue.

Compare metrics week on week, and analyse gaze-tracking heatmaps to extract insights on your users and maximise your future revenue.

Automatic payments, every month

No need to send us invoices – payments to you are handled directly in the platform. Just link your bank account or PayPal.

Your account gets credited every time an ad is seen in your content, and you can then cash-out this balance monthly. It’s life on your own terms.

Trusted by many

Why Admix

Easy to install

The Admix plugin is free to download, and can be set up in 10 to 30 minutes. Once the inventory is created, you can manage it from our web platform and start generating revenue – no need to redeploy your app after every change.

Non intrusive

Admix gives you the tools to control the ads displayed in your app, so it doesn’t affect the experience negatively. Our formats, integrated with the content, will never interrupt; instead they create a memorable experience for your users.

Instant revenue

Programmatic is our force. By selling your inventory to large advertising networks like Oath (now Verizon Media), we guarantee instant and continuous revenue, instead of infrequent, campaign-based revenue promoted by agencies.

Don't take it from us

What our developers say

Philip RosedaleCEO, High Fidelity

“Admix is doing advertising in VR the right way, by respecting the personal information of the users. We are happy to work with Admix to champion the best practices of advertising in virtual worlds!”

Artur SychovCEO, Somnium Space

“We are excited to partner with Admix to add a revenue stream to Somnium Space and monetize the long tail of our userbase.”

Daniil GirdeaCEO, Arcona

“We realised that people need an incentive to buy and develop digital lands, and Admix gives them the ability to monetize it without breaking the immersion!”

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