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The first monetization platform built for VR/AR

Admix enables you to create, manage and sell your AR/VR inventory in minutes, so you can focus on what you do best: creating great content.

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1. Install

Download and install Admix for your favorite game engine and join a community of 150+ VR/AR developers.Download Admix
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2. Place

Define your inventory - areas of your content to sell to advertisers. It can be banners, videos or 3D placements. You keep the control.
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3. Configure

Use our web platform to manage your apps, filter the most relevant advertisers, and activate your campaign.
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4. Sell

Your inventory is sold instantly to our network of advertisers. You take home 75% of the revenue paid by the advertiser every time a user looks at your ads.
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We’d love to work with you

We are just at the beginning of our journey, and would love to hear your questions, feedback or suggestions. Admix is more than a monetization solution, it’s a community - we’re making each other stronger.

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Why Admix

Developer first

Content first, ads second. We are here to make you successful, not the other way around.


You keep control over the ads displayed in your experience, so it always stays 100% relevant.


We sell your inventory to the largest advertising networks to guarantee quick revenue at scale.

Discover the most advanced management platform

Easy to use

Manage your campaigns from our web console. Generate revenue in minutes.

Filter advertisers

Tag inventory to attract the right advertiser and keep the ads relevant to the content.

Analyse campaigns

Visualise gaze-tracking reports of your past campaigns via our reporting tools.

Optimize revenue

Gain consumer insights, and optimize the position of your ads to maximize revenue.

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