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Join the leading brands and Demand Side Platforms using Admix to engage users consuming VR or AR content in a completely new way, and help us build a better future for advertising.
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State Farm integrated VR as part of their $1B media plan
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Uber used Admix as part of the biggest campaign in their history
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National Geographic used Admix to promote ‘Mars’ Season 2
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An inevitable transition

Join the media revolution

We are approaching a change of interface. For the first time, VR and AR will give billions of users the ability to consume content beyond the screen, revolutionising entertainment, education, training, gaming, sports, social and every other industry.
A new way to consume content also means a new way to reach consumers. Without a doubt, VR and AR is the largest opportunity for advertisers this decade. Don't miss out - get started with Admix.


AR devices today


AR users by 2025


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What Admix does

Pioneering programmatic advertising in XR

We are building the Supply-Side infrastructure enabling advertisers to reach their audience programmatically in VR or AR, by using bespoke ad units, recycling existing ones, and buying ads through existing DSPs.

A new kind of advertising

Goodbye intrusive ads

We are redefining the rules of advertising. Our product placements never intrude or interrupt, and are delivered programmatically, at scale through the Admix Supply-Side Platform.

How it works

The first Supply Side Platform for XR

As the first and only SSP for XR, Admix aggregates inventory from dozens of VR and AR apps, and sells it programatically to advertisers. A world's first.

With our unique technology stack supporting IAB standard for creatives, and the OpenRTB protocol, we can seamlessly sell VR/AR to existing Demand Side Platforms, such as Oath, Yahoo and AOL's parent company, getting a large exposure to advertisers.

What makes Admix special

The largest VR/AR inventory

With over 200 developers signed up, Admix owns the largest VR/AR inventory, from High Fidelity, the most funded VR company, to small indie studios. Tap into an underserved market, and help the small companies of today turn into the success of tomorrow.

High Fidelity

VR - Oculus, Vive

Somnium Space

VR - Vive


AR - iOS, Android

More revealed soon

A first in XR

All that programmatic can offer

XR might be a new media, but our infrastructure is something you are already familiar with. We are not re-inventing the wheel - we plug in the buying platforms you already use, and support the metrics that define your success.

IAB compliant

Our 2D ad units are IAB compliants, so you can recycle your web or mobile creatives and serve them in XR. We support most sizes such as 300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 300×600 and similar ratio for banners, 19:9 and 4:3 for videos.


Admix supports OpenRTB, so connecting to our SSP is as simple as connecting to any SSP. We are also plugged into Bidswitch for easier onboarding.

Deal ID

Admix supports Deal-ID for advertisers to reserve specific inventory.

VAST videos

Admix supports VAST, the most popular ad template for video ads. We support 3rd party trackers and directional audio.

GDPR compliant

Admix is fully GDPR compliant, passing the consent string in the bid request. User geolocation and device ID are anonymously tracked for relevance, and we also capture contextual information useful to assess inventory score.

Impression trackers

We only validate impressions in the field of view of the user, to ensure you only pay for ads that are seen, and reduce ad fraud.

Gaze-based viewability

We built our own viewability standard, using gaze-tracking technology to track how long each scene object has been seen, helping build anonymous interest profiles.

CPM / CPA model

For 2D ads, we work on a CPM model, supported by the entire industry. For 3D ads, we are currently building an engagement-based model, together with our demand partners.

A new way to measure engagement

Unique data insights

Besides standard parameters, Admix anonymously tracks various parameters specific to XR when users are in the app, such as gaze tracking. Gaze tracking records where users look and for how long, creating a granular standard of viewability for immersive content, and giving brands a deep understanding of how users engage with their ads.

We provide daily PDF reports and a web interface (coming soon) to track the progress of your campaign and report the key KPIs to your clients.
Sort by campaign, by line, or by creative. Impressions, unique users, CPM: we breakdown all the data you are used to, and more.
Get insights unique to XR on consumer behaviour, such as viewability heatmaps to understand how users actually consume your ads.

An end to end solution

Your creatives, sorted.

Display / Video

3D ads

Our 2D ads are IAB compliant, so you can re-use any supported display and VAST tag, without making any changes. As easy as it gets.

We help you build your 3D ads, through design or 3D scanning. Our unique technology instantly turns any 3D model into a compatible ad unit.

A new experience

Effective ads that people love


Users actively interacting with the placement (view or action), across all formats.

Brand recall

Users able to name the brands in the experience they just completed.

Dwell time

Dwell time measures the time the ads are in the field of view – 3x longer than mobile.

Click Rate

Click Through Rate performance is 20x higher than mobile, a proof that immersive advertising drives results.

Get started with immersive advertising

How to connect to Admix?

By building a scalable infrastructure for advertising in XR, Admix is changing the way customers interact with brands - forever. The revolution is in progress, and you do not want to be left behind. Connect with Admix now and start buying XR media.

Reach an immersed audience

Reach a new audience, and measure customer engagement in ways you can only dream about. With 400M devices supporting AR today, now is the time.

To serve ads in VR or AR through Admix programatically, check if we are connected to your favourite DSPs, or get in touch with us to find more.

Show your clients the future of media

VR and AR is the next media revolution that your clients mustn’t miss. With Admix, you can help them understanding this new media at minimal cost, using the infrastructure they already use.

To buy XR media on behalf of your clients, check if we are connected to your preferred DSP/trading desk, or get in touch with us.

Give your advertisers access to XR

Admix is supporting OpenRTB, so integrating with us is as simple as integrating with a classic SSP, giving your advertisers the ability to buy 2D and 3D ads instantly.

Want to discuss integration? We recommend activating via Bidswitch for easy onboarding. Get in touch with us today!

Trade XR media, at scale.

In a few years, XR media will become as widespread as mobile ads today. You can be first, and give your demand and supply partners the ability to trade XR inventory via a simple OpenRTB integration to the Admix SSP.

Want to discuss integration? We recommend activating via Bidswitch for easy onboarding. Get in touch with us today!

Case studies

State Farm integrated VR as part of their $1B media plan
Read the case study
Uber used Admix as part of the biggest campaign in their history
Read the case study
National Geographic used Admix to promote ‘Mars’ Season 2
Read the case study

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